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Many Haitian-born children, now adults, living in countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Canada and the United States are looking for their real families. Likewise, in Haiti, parents are trying to find their offspring. Many of these 'children' are now making the trip to Haiti to try to find their relatives. The Plan Kiskeya Foundation has been set up to help them do just that. By using a simple DNA test, it is possible to match the true identities of family members, unlike adoption papers which can be falsified.


With the assistance of American company, Family Tree DNA, we have created a database of family members using DNA tests to establish family relationships. In most cases families in Haiti have neither the budget nor the resources to begin searching for their relatives. Our network in Haiti locates people who have lost children and gathers their DNA, the results of which are added to the database. We then find adoptees, do a DNA test and add their results to the database. The more tests we do, the more results we get and the higher the chance of a match being made. .

Plan Kiskeya Foundation is run entirely by volunteers. It is only with donations and fundraising that we are able to finance DNA tests for the families in Haiti

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Haiti's stolen children: How DNA tests could help reunite families

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Please help!

DNA test kits are expensive (USD $ 65 each), so we need as many donations as possible. If you can donate the full cost of a DNA test, we will be able to identify another adoptee and hopefully reunite them with their relatives.

Bank information:
BIC-code: TRIONL2U | IBAN: NL76 TRIO 0379 300 001
(please add reference: project Plan Kiskeya to your payment)

We also need volunteers to help identifying families in Haiti. Are you willing to help? Send us an e-mail

About our name

Quisqueya is the name the Taíno’s (natives living in Haiti before Christopher Columbus) gave to Haiti. This means mother of all countries, the cradle of life. The Haitians adapted it into Kiskeya.

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Secretary: Mijke van Os
Treasurer: Ineke Kuiper

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Policy plan (Dutch version): Policy document Plan Kiskeya