Plan Kiskeya Foundation - reuniting parents and children from Haïti

Breaking news: New DNA match

Today Robbert Blokland, living in the Netherlands, was told that he has found his biological sister or half-sister in Haiti!

On May 23, 2019, Plan Kiskeya Foundation was in Haiti to take DNA from a group of people looking for their biological family, including Belony Andrerose. Her DNA results were analyzed and uploaded at Family Tree DNA and her profile was created on the Plan Kiskeya website. Robbert became familiar with Plan Kiskeya via the documentary from Nieuwsuur and also decided to create a profile and have his DNA taken.

A lot of emotions come free, but joy dominates!  We are happy for Robbert and Belony Andrerose, and we hope to reach more people in Haiti and the Netherlands and around the world to achieve even more matches!

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