Plan Kiskeya Foundation - reuniting parents and children from Haïti

For whom

In Haiti, there are many parents/families who are looking for their children who have been taken to the West, often without their parents' knowledge. Many parents have been searching for years, but they have insufficient resources to really take their search a step further. They experience a lot of stress – losing a child is something that stays with you for life.

Where do I come from?

At the same time, adoptees, like everyone, want to know where they come from and they experience personal development issues due to the lack of this basic information. Most adoptees get on with their lives, but many lack the ability to navigate through life successfully. The basic existential question, where do I come from, continues to prey on their minds.

Human rights

Besides the personal suffering caused, we must not forget that this fundamentally concerns a right that every individual has: the right to know who you are descended from. That right has been violated by local authorities in Haiti and in the western countries where the children have ended up. Read more about the rights of the child (especially articles 7, 8 and 9): International Convention on the Rights of the Child

Plan Kiskeya's objective

Plan Kiskeya wants to help remove the upset felt by parents and children by connecting them, through DNA matching, and thereby restoring the right of the child to know his or her parents and not be unlawfully separated from them.

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