Plan Kiskeya Foundation - reuniting parents and children from Haïti

The process

In various places in Haiti, meetings are organised by our local contact persons. At those meetings, families who are looking for their children are given the opportunity to provide their DNA for the Family Tree DNA database. First of all, the process is explained to them. Then they complete a registration form for the DNA project, after which a sample of their cheek mucus can be taken.

Time span

The DNA tests are sent to Family Tree DNA for analysis. If the test has been performed correctly and received in good order by FTDNA, they create an online account for each test. Because many people in Haiti do not have access to the internet, on the registration form they give Plan Kiskeya consent to view the results on their behalf and to notify them. Plan Kiskeya manages their account and is able to keep track of the results for them. The process takes about 2 months to complete, from sending the DNA samples to receiving the online data.


If there is a match, the family is notified immediately. Others who are matched with them can also contact them directly.

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