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Privacy statement Plan Kiskeya foundation

Mission of the organisation

Reuniting family members from Haiti through DNA kinship research. Reunification is understood to mean: establishing biological family relationships and bringing relatives into contact with each other.


We realize that you share a lot of personal information on our website. This is what it takes in order to reunite people. We will handle your data in a careful and responsible manner.

In this privacy statement you can read how Plan Kiskeya handles your personal data.The  statement is made up of various chapters

  1. What are personal data?
  2. For what purpose do we process your personal data?
  3. How do we handle your personal data?
  4. When will your data be shared?

Personal data? 

Personal data is information that is directly about a person or information that can be traced back to this person. Examples of personal data are a home address, telephone number and email address.

Special personal data

Some personal data are extra sensitive, because their processing may have a great impact on someone's life. Data referring to a person's race, religion or health are examples of special personal data. This data is extra protected by law. Personal data of children and criminal data are always sensitive and therefore always receive extra protection.

For what purpose do we process your personal data?

How do we handle your data?

We protect your personal data in the following way:

Your rights:

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