Plan Kiskeya Foundation - reuniting parents and children from Haïti

Why a DNA test?

Adoption means cutting the child's legal family ties and integrating him or her with a new family. It is the most definitive decision on a child's future that can be taken. (source

The biggest stumbling block in the search for biological family members is that in many cases, adoption files have been falsified. Sometimes, adoptees have no access to their files whatsoever. And if they do, the information about their identities such as names, address details and dates of birth is often incorrect.


Large-scale fraud has been committed surrounding adoptions in the past. Today, the process is still not reliable. Without reliable information concerning identity and place of residence, it is virtually impossible to track down family members.

Parents searching for their children

The many parents/families searching for their children have insufficient resources and knowledge to really take their search a step further. Or they encounter opposition from the parties involved.  

DNA does not lie

DNA does not lie and is the only way to gain certainty about kinship.

The goal of the Plan Kiskeya Foundation is to reunite parents with their children based on DNA. Matches can also be made between family members who live separately from each other somewhere in the Netherlands or other European countries, the USA or Canada.

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