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Every child has the right to know who his or her parents are. Moreover, children should not be separated from their parents against their will. Plan Kiskeya wants to reunite parents and children who have lost contact through (involuntary) adoption.

Welcome to the Plan Kiskeya Foundation

In Haiti, there are a large number of parents who are looking for their children who have been taken to the West, often without their parents' knowledge. Many parents have been searching for years, but they have insufficient resources to really take their search a step further. The Plan Kiskeya Foundation champions the rights of the families in Haiti and seeks to reunite parents and children through DNA matching.

On this website, family members and adoptees can create a profile page in order to find each other. By means of active fundraising, Plan Kiskeya facilitates DNA testing for family members in Haiti.

Nieuwsuur report (2 June 2019)

The news programme Nieuwsuur was in Haiti with Plan Kiskeya in May 2019. You can view their report below (in Dutch).

Plan Kiskeya's objective

Plan Kiskeya's primary objective is family reunification of Haitians by means of DNA matching. We do this by raising funds that can be used to pay for DNA testing.

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The need for DNA testing

Large-scale fraud has been committed around adoptions in the past and even today, this process is still not reliable. Sometimes adoptees are not given access to their files or they have to pay for them. In many of these files, information about identities such as names, address details and dates of birth is incorrect. DNA does not lie and it is the only way to gain certainty about kinship.

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