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About us

"DNA does not lie, paper does"

Adoptees need to be able to establish information about their descent. But adoption files are often forged or incomplete. Such was the case of Judy Aubrain, who was adopted from Haiti. He dismisses the proposal by Sander Dekker, Minister of Legal Protection, to give adoptees free access to their own files as mere window dressing. "We want support for DNA testing. Because DNA does not lie.” Read the full article here (in Dutch).

Based on his experience of performing DNA testing in Haiti, Judy resolved to try to make it more widely available to parents searching for their missing children. This was the starting point for the Plan Kiskeya Foundation.

The people behind the foundation are personally motivated. In order to finance its activities, the foundation actively engages in fundraising in the Netherlands.  

Board of Plan Kiskeya Netherlands

Chair: Judy Aubrain
Treasurer / Secretary: George Jean Joseph Schuddebeurs
Support board: Mijke van Os


Louis Wietzes
Nadia Blokland

Website development


Plan Kiskeya Belgium

Christine Naert is working to set up the organisation in Belgium so as to include adoptees there in the DNA project.

In order to maximise reach among the target group in the West, it is important that Plan Kiskeya is represented in every country that is home to large numbers of adopted Haitians. The main countries are: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

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