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The DNA project

The DNA Project

The goal of the Plan Kiskeya Foundation is to reunite parents with their children based on DNA. Matches can also be made between family members who are living separately from each other somewhere in the Netherlands or other European countries, the USA or Canada.

Family Tree DNA

Through the organisation Family Tree DNA, adoptees can themselves buy a DNA test and sign up for a registration system that links family members together based on DNA. If you are an adoptee and you can comfortably afford the DNA test, we ask you to also pay for a DNA test for a family member searching for their parents/child in Haiti. You can do this by donating to Plan Kiskeya. You can also order a DNA test from Plan Kiskeya, which is quicker and cheaper (exclusively for the Netherlands and Belgium).

Registration of biological parents

In order to complete the puzzle, biological parents also need to register. This poses a problem for Haitian parents. In many cases, they do not have the means to buy a DNA test. They may not even know that the possibility exists, they don't speak English and have no money. We want to remove these obstacles. We want to make free DNA testing available to biological parents and support them in the process.

The more DNA from both parties the database contains, the better the chances of a match.

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