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DNA pilot project with Voie d'Espoir

In recent years, the DNA project in Haiti was on hold because we couldn't travel. Since the spring of 2024, we have a pilot project and are working with Michel Joseph from Voie D’Espoir (VE) and Dirk Vermeyen in Haiti. 

Both gentlemen have helped us in the past with searches for families: Dirk as a solo specialist family finder, and Michel (journalist) who set up the Voie D’Espoir foundation due to the many requests he receives to trace the families of adoptees. 

We are combining our efforts for even more matches, which is the goal of Plan Kiskeya. VE is carrying out our DNA project in this pilot. In Port-au-Prince and Jeremi, an office has been opened where families can register. The project is being announced via radio spots, and families are being called to make an appointment for registration. 

In addition to the above two offices, there is also an office in Cap-Haitien, coordinated by Dirk Vermeyen. We have been working with Dirk for some time. From the Netherlands, we have direct insight into the incoming registrations. 

These new registrations are then processed on the Plan Kiskeya website. The pilot runs until the end of August. So far, the process is going well, registrations are coming in, and we are in close contact with Dirk and Michel. 

If successful and with sufficient funding, the pilot will transition into a project for structural collaboration.

Michel Joseph (Chairman of VE) announces the new office in Jeremie where family members can register. Click on the image to open the video.

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